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EXCELLENCE THROUGH CUSTOMISED SOLUTIONS New AVM Systech Pvt. Ltd. is an organization reputed in the field of supply & export of Industrial Drying Systems, Gas Heating & Cooling Systems and Allied Equipments & Systems. At ‘AVM’ our mission is to engage collaboratively with our clients to achieve excellence through customized solutions. We have successful installations in various countries, which include India, Bangladesh, China, Egypt, Indonesia, Malaysia, Morocco, Pakistan, Peru, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Turkey. In a short span of time, we have more than 150 customized system installations to our credit with the following variety.  


Variety in Products Handled : Agrochemicals, Ceramics, Chemicals, Clays, Dyestuffs, Food Products, Leather Chemicals, Minerals, Pharma Ingredients, Paper, Pigments, Polymer, Starch, Starch Derivatives, Surfactants, Textile Auxiliaries etc.


Variety in Systems Installed : From individual systems to combinations. Feed preparation to Product finishing. With Air Dehumidification. With Heat Recovery etc.


Variety in Capacities

Product Throughput from 1 kg/hr to 21000 kg/hr, Air Flow Rates from 60 to 180,000 Cu.m/hr, Temperatures up to 1500 deg Celsius.


Variety in uses of Heating Media : Liquid Fuels, Gaseous Fuels, Solid Fuels, Agro Waste, Waste Heat Streams, Steam, Hot Oil, Electricity etc. using Direct / Indirect type heaters.


Variety in Automation : Conventional relay logic to fully automated systems with PLC / DCS, SCADA

  • Hot Products

  • Rotary Dryer
    Rotary Dryers / Coolers are widely used in the Industry for drying / cooling of reasonably free...
  • Spray Cooler
    Spray Cooler Technology is a process to convert Melt into solid state by Spraying into Spray...
  • Pilot Spray Dryer
    ‘AVM’ Pilot / Mini Spray Dryer is an excellent choice for Laboratory testing,...
  • Tunnel Dryer
    Tunnel Dryers are ideal for drying of Granulated / Extruded / Briquettes / Flakes / Fibrous / Pre...
  • Flash Dryer
    In Flash Dryer, the wet feed is dispersed into the hot air / gas stream in the drying duct through...
  • Fluid Bed Dryer
    Fluid Bed Dryer / Cooler are widely used in the Industry for gentle drying / cooling of free...

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