New AVM Systech Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading company specialized in manufacturing and export of Industrial Dryers, Coolers, Calciners, Allied Equipments and Systems.

Industrial Spray Dryer

Spray Dryer technology is widely used in the industry for converting liquid solutions/ suspensions/ slurry /emulsions to powder, granules or agglomerates.

The advantages of spray drying are consistent product quality, with better control on product parameters like product moisture, bulk density, read more...

Pilot Spray Dryer

‘AVM’ Pilot / Mini Spray Dryer is an excellent choice for Laboratory testing, Small-scale powder production requirements.

These plants are designed for an evaporation capacity ranging from 3 kg/hr to 60 kg/hr.

‘AVM’ Pilot Spray Dryers are complete skid mounted packaged plants, read more...

Rotary Atomizers

Rotary Atomizers are used in Spray Drying for atomizing the feed into fine droplets. In Rotary Atomizers, the kinetic energy of wheel rotation is used for atomization of the liquid.

Droplet size of atomized liquid depends upon liquid properties, disc speed, disc configuration etc. Bulk density read more...

Spray Cooler

Spray Cooler Technology is a process to convert Melt into solid state by Spraying into Spray chamber. Cooling media is usually dehumidified cold air. The cooling media is admitted into the Spray Chamber. The spray mist comes in intimate contact with the cooling media & gets converted into solid state.

Fluid Bed Dryer

Fluid Bed Dryer / Cooler are widely used in the Industry for gentle drying / cooling of free flowing solids.

In fluid bed systems, the material is fluidized with help of air stream using specially designed perforated plate. In addition to this, the fluidizer can also be made vibratory to assist read more...

Flash Dryer

In Flash Dryer, the wet feed is dispersed into the hot air / gas stream in the drying duct through suitable feed dispersing mechanism. The material gets dried during conveying travel through the drying duct & separated in the Cyclones or bag filters. Some applications require pre-conditioning of feed by read more...

Agitated Swirl Flash Dryer

In Agitated Swirl Flash Dryers, the wet feed is fed into the dryer housing by suitable feeding mechanism above the rotating swirl agitator. The hot air / gas stream is also admitted in the drying duct through specially designed distributor, admitting the air in swirling fashion. The material remains in read more...

Rotary Dryer

Rotary Dryers / Coolers are widely used in the Industry for drying / cooling of reasonably free flowing materials.

AVM offers Customized Rotary Drying Systems with variety of Configurations.

The material to be dried / cooled

Rotary Calciner

Rotary Calciners are used for calcining of the material at high temperature. The Rotary Calciner comprises of rotating shell supported on rollers / tyres and driven by means of suitable drive arrangement. The internals are suitably refractory lined to minimize the heat losses. The combustion chamber is used read more...

Rotary Steam Tube Dryer

In this dryer, tubes are fixed to the outer shell housing & rotate along with the shell. Single / Multiple rows of tubes are circumferentially arranged on the internal periphery of the rotary shell. Rotary Steam Tube Dryer is supported on tyres / rollers & driven through suitable drive arrangement. read more...

Tube Bundle Dryer

In this Dryer, tube bundle is rotating inside stationary housing. Heating Media is passed through the tubes of Tube Bundle. Material to be dried is fed into the stationary dryer housing at suitable location at one end. The material gets lifted up & showered on tubes with help of specially designed lifters provided on read more...

Tunnel Dryer

Tunnel Dryers are ideal for drying of Granulated / Extruded / Briquettes / Flakes / Fibrous / Pre Formed materials. Few of the applications are Ceramic Fiber Papers, Ceramic Fiber Boards, Molded Paper Products, Rayon Staple, Cotton linters, Noodles, Food products etc. AVM offers Customized Tunnel Drying read more...

Vacuum Dryer Vacuum Dryer are widely used in the Industry for drying of variety of products.

Vacuum Dryer is batch dryer ideal for drying of heat sensitive products, drying of products in solvents (for subsequent solvent recovery), drying requirements necessitating achievement of very low moisture or low oxygen drying read more...

Air Heater

AIR HEATERS / GAS HEATERS / HOT AIR GENERATOR SYSTEMS AVM offers wide range of customized Heating Systems with variety of Configurations.


Types of Indirect Heated Air / Gas Heating Systems Offered :

Fines Recovery System


AVM offers customized Systems exhaust emission / pollution control / fines recovery systems with variety of Configurations.

Bag Filters & Dust Collection Systems :
AVM offers Reverse Pulse Jet

Allied Systems AVM offers customized Allied Equipments / Systems with variety of Configurations.

Blenders / Powder Mixers
  • Equipments configured for Batch or Continuous Operation.
  • Capacities as per system requirements.
  • Paddle Type Blenders.
  • Ribbon Type Blenders.
  • Special Rotor Type