Agitated Swirl Flash Dryer

In Agitated Swirl Flash Dryers, the wet feed is fed into the dryer housing by suitable feeding mechanism above the rotating swirl agitator. The hot air / gas stream is also admitted in the drying duct through specially designed distributor, admitting the air in swirling fashion. The material remains in agitated bed & dried material gets carried forward & separated in the Cyclones or bag filters. Some applications require pre-conditioning of feed by back-mixing of dry product.

AVM offers Customized Agitated Swirl Flash Drying Systems with variety of Configurations.

Material Feeding Configurations :

  • Mono Screw Feeder
  • Double Screw Feeder
  • Double Paddle Mixer for back mixing of dry product
  • Feed Bin with Lump Breaker
  • Volumetric feeder
  • Rotary Feeder
  • Specially design double shaft feeder followed by mono screw.
  • Positive Displacement Screw Pump for Viscous liquid / Pastes.

Particle Classifier Options :

  • Orifice Classifier
  • Rotary particle Classifier

Air Heating System Configurations :

  • Direct Fired / Indirect Fired Air Heaters: using Liquid / Gaseous Fuels.
  • Direct / Indirect Fired Air Heaters: using Solid Fuels, Agro Waste, Saw Dust, Rice Husk, Coal, Briquette etc.
  • Indirect Air Heaters: Using Steam / Hot Oil / Thermic Fluid.
  • Electric Air Heaters: using electricity.

Product / Fines Recovery System Configurations :

  • Cyclone Separators – Mono, Twin, Quadruple, Multi etc.
  • Bag Filters – Reverse Pulsejet, Mechanical shaking etc.
  • Wet Scrubbers – Direct Contact Ventury, Adjustable Ventury, Packed scrubbers etc.

Optional Features Configurations :

  • Product Cooling and Conveying Systems.
  • Exhaust gases Recycling for better thermal efficiencies.
  • Safety accessories like Static Jumpers, Fire Fighting Systems, Rupture Disc etc.
  • Water Cooled Dryer Agitator bearing housing for high temp. operation.
  • Computerized control system through PLC / DCS & SCADA.